Image & Video Processing Projects Support


Image processing is a special type of signal processing where input is an image. It manipulates the image data for the various applications and purpose. The main applications in the field of image processing are medical image enhancement, image compression and decompression, object detection in image, feature extraction in images. We here at Siliconmentor provides the guidance on the and P.HD thesis which includes tool and language training followed by real time implementation of new thoughts and ideas. We have the experts who work on the research on these areas. The experts are working the various projects viz. JPEG2000 compression and decompression, image watermarking using various techniques, Image enhancement and the feature extraction of the Medical images, Face recognition.

Siliconmentor provides a joint research platform for all the researchers and innovators by provides experts guidance and industry exposure. We also offers IEEE research paper publications and the patent drafting to the young and experienced researchers.


• An algorithm to detect Noise-resilient edge in brain MRI images.
• Development of a hybrid algorithm for segmentation of MRI images based on edge detection.
• Segmentation of diseased MRI images based on Masking.
• An enhanced Image Denoising and Segmentation Approach for Detection of Tumor from
2-D MRI Brain Images.
• Retrieval of MRI images based on texture spectrum and edge histogram equalization.
• Denoising of Adaptive MRI images with the use of total-variation and local noise estimation.
• An enhanced algorithm for the denoising of MRI images based on wavelet shrinkage.
• A Stationary Wavelet Transform algorithm for feature extraction of Brain MRI.
• Image Enhancement through histogram equalization Using MRI Brain Images.
• A Histogram equalization algorithm for fusion of MRI and CT brain images.
• MRI image retrieval based on texture spectrum and edge histogram features.