3D VIDEO – We are interfacing both the computer vision & graphics. We used to create video-realistic 3D interactive media for real sources. Main task in video research is to create video 3D »


Biomedical Imaging is the technique that covers the image data acquisition, image reconstruction, image analysis, development of medical imaging technologies and software, Mathematical methods for »


Silicon Mentor is working to develop the concept of making some of the revolutionary Analog and Mixed Signal IPs. We are working on some of the world's fastest and lowest power AMS IP and Core Analog »


With the great evolution in technology, advancement in techniques is also required for precise, accurate and predictive data. Neural network may prove a boon for it. Team of Silicon Mentor has »


A fundamental goal of computer vision is the ability to analyze motion. As one of the most active research areas in computer vision, visual analysis of human motion attempts to detect, track and »


The current era of semiconductor industry is increasing exponentially and this advancement in the semiconductor industry invoking number of challenges in front standard cell designers. Some of »


About Us

Who are we

SiliconMentor is a Research & Development organization pledged to develop and renovate the algorithms and IPs in the field of semiconductor, Signal processing and its associated domains. We strive to encourage and promote the research activities in India and across the world. Our research radius revolves around Low power VLSI, Biomedical Signaling, Neural Networks, and Visual Motion Analysis to Computer Vision.

SiliconMentor provides the shared R & D platform to the universities and individuals interested doing research in VLSI and its related streams.

SiliconMentor also acts as a research partner for the students and professors doing research in the pre-described fields and supports to get the patent of their research to elevate and nurture the research and development activities among the industries, SMEs, professors and students.

Our Vision

To enable and empower researchers across the world to achieve and innovate futuristic inventions through excellence and interventions in the technology.

Our Mission

• To handover a revolutionary product to the world through unique product development model.
• To take forward Indian researches and researchers by catering them with a distinctive research platform.
• To promote the research and development activities in institutions and industries.
• To support and provide an enabling environment for technology seeking groups in India and all over the world.
• To dispense an edge to the VLSI engineers to propagate through their own ideas.

SiliconMentor maintains industry based research standard following the data confidentiality policies to help M.Tech and PhD students and professors in their research and thesis preparation. We welcome the research requests of M.Tech/PhD students and Professors of the ECE, CSE and Microelectronics and sub-domains viz. VLSI, Image and Video Processing, DSP, DIP, MATLAB, Wireless Sensor Networks, Digital Communication and Antenna etc.
SiliconMentor provides a technology know how platform for the students through its research oriented knowledge transfer program with the hands on tool training in the VLSI and its associated streams. SiliconMentor emphasizes extensively on promoting the research and development based training rather than the conventional training replica.


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