“To support and usher the new era of semiconductor industry in establishing India as a hardware giant apart from the IT superpower tag”.

SiliconMentor is a VLSI technology service company evolved to create a value in the field of semiconductor electronics and its associated domains that offers wide range of services in ASIC and FPGA verifications and Physical Design and Proprietary library design.

SiliconMentor is the only VLSI entity that provides corporate and professional training in both domains of VLSI i.e. Frontend as well as Backend.

It is state of art technology driven setup which includes highly skilled VLSI engineers in its workspace who always try to deliver the spearhead solutions to their clients.

SiliconMentor incorporates over 30 research associates working on different research areas in VLSI such as Advance analog, RF and Mix-mode, Memory, Digital Design and Verification and MATLAB etc.

SiliconMentor supervise and assist the PhD students doing their projects in VLSI domain. The north Indian students are not required to rush towards the southern states to get support and guidance in their projects. We are the only entity in the northern India having experts in VLSI backend.

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     Video tutorials
Power gating circuit Power and Delay simulation
Propogation delay command in SPICE applying using Netlist
Propagation Delay SPICE smiulation of inverter chain

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