“To support and usher the new era of semiconductor industry in establishing India as a hardware giant apart from the IT superpower tag”.

Silicon Mentor is an initiative by a group of semiconductor engineers having hands on expertise across domains, ranging from System on Chip (SoC) design, verification, embedded to robotics. We strive to empower engineering students, SMEs as well as established corporate with technology know how and enable solutions in VLSI as well as embedded systems development. We are determined to add value and deliver quality up to and beyond customer satisfaction.

Technology updates - Silicon Mentor Blog

VLSI Projects

Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) describes about the semiconductor integrated circuits which are composed of hundreds of thousands of ... Read More

Need for IEEE VLSI Projects

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is an advanced innovation and technical group of engineers, scientists, developers, physicists, medical doctors and researchers around the world... Read More

Importance of M.Tech/M.E Paper Publication

The industry oriented programs in engineering and information technology are increasing day by day. There are many educational degree program in engineering offered by IIT’s/BITS/NIT’s and other educational institutions. The M.Tech (Master of Technology)/M.E in .. Read More

Brain-computer Interfaces

It’s a very advance concept of forming a virtual link between a human brains and a computer aided external device. Basically this concept of a virtual link formation came into picture, by thinking that one can control his surrounding external devices just by simply .. Read More

Wearable Technology

In the era of technology, we want things which connect to each other to simplify our daily life. So, we need those devices (smaller, smarter and more efficient) which can easily connect wirelessly and controlled by one device... Read More