System Generator for DSP is a high level designing tool which uses Xilinx Programmable devices used in leading industries. With System Generator for DSP, we can create production-quality DSP algorithms in a fraction of time compared to traditional RTL. This tool Develop highly parallel systems with the industry’s most advanced FPGAs and provide system modeling and automatic code generation from Simulink and MATLAB (The Mathworks, Inc.). It integrates RTL, embedded, IP, MATLAB and hardware components of a DSP system.

Silicon Mentor introduce System Generator for DSP tool to explore and make you skilful.

We will provide you :

• How to design and simulate a HDL code on Xilinx.
• Study material to understand all the DSP blocks for System Generator.
• Labs to create different types of models in simulink.
• How to generate HDL code from System Generator
• Full understanding of HDL code.
• Implementation of HDL code on FPGA.
• Xilinx 14.1 and MATLAB R2011a Software tool.
• Virtex-4(XC4VLX60-FF1148DGQ0737-DD3087238A2) FPGA kit.

Structure Content

Module-1 : Introduction to Xilinx
• Overview
• Basic instructions to create and synthesize new file

Module -2 : FPGA
• Introduction to FPGA
i. Advantages/Disadvantages
ii. Applications
• ASIC v/s FPGA v/s CPLD
• Architecture of FPGA
i. Introduction to Virtex-4 (XC4VLX60-FF1148DGQ0737-DD3087238A2)
ii. Block Diagrams of Virtex-4 FPGA kit
iii. Pin Diagrams (I/Os)

Module-3 : Basic HDL implementation 
• Basic Verilog Code implementation on Virtex-4 FPGA

Module-4 : System generator 
• Overview and applications of system generator
• All the Xilinx block sets for DSP.
• Data types
• Implementation

The implementation will include
I. Simulation results of Simulink model
II. HDL code generation
III. Full understanding of HDL code.

Module-5 : FPGA Implementation of HDLs
• Instructions to load and run a Verilog design or HDL Code on FPGA tool-kit
iv. Image detection
• Lab implementation

Module-6 : Image Processing
• Basic commands and instructions
• Processing of images using System Generator
i. Convergence
ii. Enhancement
iii. Watermarking

Module-7 : Video Processing
• Basic commands and instructions
• Processing of video using system generator
i. Convergence
ii. Enhancement
iii. Watermarking
• Lab implementation