Support in PhD Thesis and PhD Projects

Research Guidance for PhD Thesis and projects is initiated with the preparation of research proposal which is required to submit at the time of enrollment. SiliconMentor’s core research domains include Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Signal Processing especially Bio-Medical Signal processing and VLSI.

We welcome students and professors to do research in Computer Vision, Image Processing, VLSI, Machine Learning and Bio-medical signal processing and get PhD project guidance from our experts to bring out the best possible research in their respective fields. Our guidance procedure involves the assistant ship in the paper publication in SCI Indexed journals and the contribution of student and professors which we work for.

SiliconMentor works with an articulation to impart the knowledge to the every client seeking research guidance from SiliconMentor.

Procedure of Research Guidance in PhD Projects

  1. Research Proposal
  2. Problem Identification
  3. Research Methodology
  4. Literature Survey
  5. Objectives
  6. Software/ tool used
  7. Possible Outcomes
  8. Support in Publication of papers in SCI-Indexed Journals

Technology Domains (Research Domains)

  1. VLSI: The list of PhD projects in VLSI are mentioned below. So, just have a look and the choose the one as per your requirements.

Low Power VLSI

Digital Design

Analog Design

FPGA Design and Verilog HDL Based Research

  1. Signal Processing: The list of PhD projects in image processing are mentioned below. So, just have a look and the choose the one as per your requirements.

Bio-Medical Signal Analysis: ECG, EEG

Digital Signal Processing

Signal Filtering, Feature space, Classification, Diagnosis, Monitoring, Signal Correlation, Ocular Artifacts Removal

Key Technologies: DWT, SWT, ICA, Adaptive Filters,

  1. Computer Vision & Machine Learning: Image Processing & Video Processing–

Image Fusion, Image Registration, Image Stitching, Denoising, Compression and Decompression, Segmentation, Classification etc.

Key Technologies: Neural Networks (ANN, CNN) SVM, DWT, SWT, ICA, Adaptive Filters etc.