Are you thinking of doing your research work in complete semiconductor industry level research environment and have not found a way to complete your M.Tech and PhD level research then Silicon Mentor would act as your individual research partner in M.Tech and P.hd research. Our core team has successfully completed over more than 100 research projects in VLSI and its sub-domains i.e. Advanced Analog Design, Digital Design, MATLAB, DSP, DIP, Antenna and Communication etc.

Our Expertise and Working Agenda:

■   Highly motivated team.
■  Qualitative use of current research methodologies.
■  Research using the market standard EDA environments.
■  Maximum of team members have many International and IEEE level paper published.


Research Projects:

M.Tech IEEE Projects

PhD thesis/Projects

Research Domains:

  1. Low Power VLSI (Digital, Analog and Mix Mode Design)
  2. Analog Design Projects
  3. Digital Design Projects (Verilog-HDL)
  4. Hardware Design Projects (FPGA Design & Co-simulation)


  1. Digital Signal Processing Projects
  2. Biomedical Signal Processing Projects: ECG & EEG Signal Analysis


  1. Digital Image Processing Projects


  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning