If you need to know more about the Machine Learning Workshop then you need to understand the Machine Learning first. What is Machine Learning? If you are unaware of this term then you must be very well aware that it is a subfield of Computer Science. This field of Computer Science includes a detailed study of computational learning theory and pattern recognition. It is nothing but all about making the predictions of data by learning algorithms.

Machine Learning Workshop is usually arranged to help the engineers teaching everything about such algorithm. If you are assigned to make some projects or reports on Machine Learning to be submitted in this workshop then you really need not get panic as you can take help from Silicon Mentors as one of the best online service providers to help students making their projects efficiently.


Fundamentals of Machine Learning Workshop-

Don’t you know about this workshop? It is usually organized to make you aware of the basics behind the applications of modern machine learning algorithms. This is a kind of workshop where you can get a great chance to learn everything about the machine learning techniques, regularization, supervised/unsupervised methods, interpretability, emphasizing questions of over-fitting/under-fitting, and handling of missing data. You can also learn about the best ways to use such algorithms.


What are the Topics Included?

  • Basic Concepts and Introduction to Supervised Learning: linear and logistic regression
  • Ensemble methods (Boosting, Bagging, and Random Forests)
  • Unsupervised Learning: NMF and text classification (bag of words model)
  • Classification and Regression Trees (CART)
  • Support Vector Machines (SVM)
  • Unsupervised learning: clustering (k-­means and hierarchical) and dimensionality reduction (Principal Component Analysis, Independent Component Analysis, Self-­Organizing Maps, Multi-­Dimensional Scaling)
  • Deep learning: Neural Networks (Feed-Forward, Convolutional, Recurrent) and training algorithms
  • Supervised Learning: loss functions, cross-­validation (bias-variance trade-­off and learning curves), imputation (K-­nearest neighbors and SVD), imbalanced data
  • Penalties, regularization, sparsity (lasso, ridge, and elastic net)

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How will Silicon Mentors help you?

There are different applications of Machine Learning which also includes the E-Commerce, Social networks, web research, computational biology, robotics, information extraction, debugging, space exploration, and much more. This concept also includes some four types of learning and also, there are some issues you may have to face while understanding the algorithms. Here comes the role of Silicon Mentor. The expert team of Silicon Mentors will provide you the proper guidance while learning all such things so that you can easily learn and understand everything. Silicon Mentor are always ready to help you resolve your issues at the earliest without consuming your valuable time. Don’t miss your chance!!!