Machine Learning Projects-

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What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is basically a subfield of Computer Science which includes the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory with intelligence. Machine Learning is all about learning algorithms by making predictions on the data. Machine Learning is a term which includes learning the computer’s ability without the explicitly programmed. In simple words, you may call the machine learning as the set of techniques which are widely used to program the computers and to make the decisions automatically. The decisions are usually made by detecting the patterns of from the past data which may include the predictions.

Machine Learning may obviously include numerous technical programs like Computer Science Engineering, ME, Masters & Ph.D. Degrees, Electronic Engineering, Information Technology. Machine Learning is a concept by which you can make your career in a right direction by getting the proper knowledge of the technical. Silicon Mentors are now providing you the valuable and effective Machine Learning projects, IEEE base paper selection system, and Machine Leaning IEEE Projects.

What are the Applications of Machine Learning?

The different categorized applications of machine learning include the web research, computational biology, robotics, information extraction, E-Commerce, Social networks, debugging, space exploration, and much more.

What are the types of Learning in this Concept?

You will get four types of learning concepts including the supervised learning, unsupervised learning, semi-supervised learning, and reinforcement learning.

What are the issues in Machine Learning?

There may be numerous different issues in the Machine Learning Projects but Silicon Mentors are now here to help you out overcome these possible issues.

Just have a look at some of the basic issues-

  • Semi-supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Classification
  • Brich
  • Hierarchical
  • Clustering
  • Regression
  • k-means
  • Expectation –maximization (EM)
  • Anomaly detection
  • Naïve Bayes
  • CCA(canonical correlation analysis)
  • Neural network
  • K-nearest neighborhood(k-NN)
  • Have a look at the frames of supervised learning concepts-
  • LDA(linear discriminant analysis)
  • PCA(Principal component analysis)
  • Mean-shifts
  • Decision trees( Random forest, Bagger tree)
  • Following are the dimensionality reduction
  • ICA(Independent Component Analysis)
  • Support vector machine

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