We are interfacing both the computer vision & graphics. We used to create video-realistic 3D interactive media for real sources. Main task in video research is to create video 3D realistic media for its application in visual-effects, animation production & games.



Research Area- 3D human motion analysis.

3D human motion analysis.

3D Spatial Audio – We used to enrich the sound reproduction quality of an audio source by putting additional audio channels from speakers in front of listener. Applications can be entertainment systems, movie theatres, acoustic design, virtual and augmented reality applications, computer games etc.

Research Area – Binaural and Transaural audio, multichannel audio, Ambisonics, WFS, and hybrids of those systems


Biometrics – Biometric refers to the human matrices such as different aspects of human physiology, chemistry or behavior can be used for authentication. Application in border control, access control to buildings and facilities, secure nomadic working, preventing unauthorized access to remote services such as banking, social security and entertainment, in forensics, personalization and many others.

Research Area – face and voice biometrics and on multimodal biometrics fusion.


Coding and Transmission – In this area, we used to do research on multiple aspects of 2D and 3D video coding and transmission. Application fields can be related to networked media aspects, such as capturing, processing, coding, transmission, adaptation and presentation of rich audio visual media.

Research Area – Deployment of highly flexible, scalable rich multi-view video dissemination mechanism.

Blind Source Separation – Basically, we used to extract the original unknown source signals from their mixtures and possibly to estimate the unknown mixing channels using only the information within the mixtures observed at the output of each channel with no, or very limited, knowledge about the source signals and the mixing channel.
Research Area – Our research areas are Convolutive BSS, Underdetermined BSS, Audio-Visual BSS.


Facial Analysis – In this we used to do both 2D & 3D computer-based analysis and synthesis of the human face. Applications can be 3D facial animation, Analysis of facial movement, and the use of face as a biometric.
Research Area – Track and analyse facial movements, investigating the shape and appearance of the face for a range of applications and creating high-quality facial animation.

Human Motion Analysis – Techniques for 3D reconstruction and tracking of human motion from single or multiple view video. The aim is to measure full body motion in natural environments such as a sports stadium during game play for analysis of player performance and team interaction.
Research Area – Methods for the recognition and reconstruction of human pose from multiple view video.

Media Adaptation – Its objectives is to Enhance rate-distortion performance of digital media and improve overall user experience during delivery/access.
Research Area – Quality of Experience (QoE) based digital media content adaptation.

Media Networking – It covers 3D Content Delivery to Fixed and Mobile Users, Scalable and Resource Efficient 3D Video over Broadband Wireless Access Networks, and Multimedia Broadcasting using Cellular Broadcast Techniques.

Research Area – Development of Transmission System Test-beds with IP-based Multimedia Applications.

Medical Image Acquisition – It covers Active Pixel Sensors, Coded Apertures for Scintimammography, and Adaptive Optimal Thresholding in Nuclear Medicine.