Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing that will take the evolution of human species to next level. Whole world is trying to make the machine intelligent and self aware to take decisions and a lot of work is being done in this field these days. Here at SiliconMentor, our AI department is working in machine learning domain especially in Deep Learning and exploring to new approaches and applications for this rapidly developing field.

Machine learning

Our Machine Learning applications include a wide range of product types. We are using machine learning in scene classification, visual analysis, and health diagnostic.

Here at SiliconMentor our team of researchers is working on all type of supervised, unsupervised and semi supervised machine learning algorithms. Supervised learning take more into the application field with its fast and accurate application oriented results. Currently deep learning, Neural networks, convolution neural nets, genetic algorithms are being explored by researcher for their better applications.

We are using GPU and FPGA to overcome the learning time on big data analysis. It also provides best and fast solution in term of bandwidth and speed.