Automatic Inspection Systems

To maintain the quality of products, very fine details of final products like shape, colour and contour etc. are extracted and analysed on the basis of fundamental vision algorithms like blob analysis, edge detectors, histogram etc. to find manufacturing defects like cracks, uneven holes, texture misprint etc.



Due to the use of very basic Computer vision algorithms hardware cost of Inspection system is very cheap, and less computational requirement also lead to very fast processing speed of inspection system which can vary from 10 to 50  product units inspection per second, which is an ideal speed for any real time system. These system can also be used to check quality of food products.

These systems are best for those manufacturing applications where environment physical parameters are not suitable for human beings like high temperature surroundings, environment prone to any kind of harmful radiations. These systems are capable of running 24X7 hours with very less power consumption as its hardware many consist of high speed cameras and embedded boards which works on 5-15 volts of supply voltage. In the end we can say these systems help manufacturing units to increase their production with better quality control, zero maintenance cost.

Quality Inspection

With the employment of advanced vision algorithms for measuring the quality of the product, SiliconMentor provides the automated and intelligent system to maintain the standard of the products.

SiliconMentor’s  vision algorithms and softwares will help the manufacturers and OEMs to automate the several process with no possibility of error. A few from many vision based solutions provides by us are lined up here:

Our inspection system services are inclined to below mentioned industries
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Metal and Glass Industry
  • Automation Industry
  • Wood and paper Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Oil and Coal Industry
  • Textile Industry
We provide camera based automated inspection systems to  industries which would perform the following tasks
  • Defect Inspection
  • Filling level inspection
  • Label Inspection
  • Bottle/Crate Sorting
  • Inspection over bottle cap placement
  • Fruits and vegetable sorting
  • Cut inspection on breads
  • Foreign body detection
  • Shape detection
  • Face Recognition
  • OCR
  • Barcode Recognition