How interesting and exciting would it have been be if our computer can automatically detect and recognize the object placed around it and may recall it whenever it is needed. It was just an imagination before the evolution of computer vision in this world. Computer vision has found itself applicable in several real world applications such as OCR, Machine Inspection, Medical, automotive safety, Bio-metrics, Gesture Control, Surveillance and several security based devices.

We at SiliconMentor are deploying the image processing into computer vision with the development of systems specifically based on deep learning.

We offer the best vision systems to understand and analyze the natural images and stretching it to diverse itself for the detection of arbitrary objects.

We have a team of researcher and engineer who are dedicated to the advancement of computer vision algorithm and trying to solve many real life problem through computer vision.

Our aim is to extend the computer vision where a computer have the vision system like human being. Our main focus areas are scene classification and localization, Semantic segmentation, scene description.

Algorithms we are working on :

  • Scene classification and localization
  • Object detection and recognition
  • Face detection and recognition
  • Facial expression analysis
  • Eye tracker and analysis for inattention to driver drowsiness
  • Hand detection and gesture recognition without any occlusion with mono-vision system
  • Text extraction and recognition
  • People detection and their behavior analysis