DSP Projects | Digital Signal Processing

Welcome to digital signal processing team at SiliconMentor. Here at SiliconMentor we are active in research projects guidance, DSP tool training and Paper publishing in highly impacted journals. We provide guidance to masters and followers in their M.tech/PhD thesis.
Our research interest covers speech processing, speech recognition, audio processing, image and video processing, filtering and signal acquisition.
For application purpose SiliconMentor team works in Bio-medical DSPs ( ECG,Cochlear, Blood Pressure), Audio Processing ( data compression, storage, transmission, enhancement) , human computer interaction ( EEG, Speech recognition, gesture control).


• Suppression of noise from speech signal using spectral subtraction with FPGA
• FPGA Implementation of a cochlear filter.
• Audio de-noising by spectral subtraction technique implemented on reconfigurable hardware.
• Real-Time Embedded Implementation of the Binary Mask Algorithm for Hearing Prosthetics


• FPGA Implementation of a Fast MDCT Algorithm.
• Design and Implementation of Viterbi Encoding and Decoding Algorithm on FPGA.


• FPGA Implementation of an Efficient 3D-WT Temporal DecompositionAlgorithm for Video Compression.
• The solution to background segmentation and extraction in traffic video detection
• FPGA-based video system for real time movingobject detection.
• Video Object Detection using Inter-frameCorrelation Based Background Subtraction
• Video picture-in-picture detection using spatio-temporal slicing
• Feature Label Extraction of Online Video
• A fast method of face detection in video images
• Face detection and tracking algorithm in video images with complex background
• Automatic video stream indexing and retrieving based on face detection using wavelet
• transformation
• RGB image watermarking on video frames using DWT